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Alacrity, noun. From the Latin alacritus meaning promptitude. Similar in meaning to its synonyms Velocity and Celerity, all three mean quickness in action or movement. Alacrity stresses promptness in response to a suggestion or command, cheerful and eager willingness, appropriate quickness, and in general the beginning of fast movement; whereas Velocity implies quickness of motion or rapidity during movement, and Celerity implies speed in accomplishing or completing an action.
Alacrity Ventures is an angel capital investment firm. Its main purpose is to fund and guide start-up companies through initial stages of development, offering seed financing and mentorship. Alacrity is primarily oriented toward working with Internet and technological companies with new and innovative ideas. Alacrity’s goal is to identify people with a passion to create ground-breaking high-tech firms and to help them achieve success in building those businesses.

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